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Antares Health Products Further Enhances Its High Quality Customer and Technical Service

The Antares Team appreciates the high praise from our customers for high quality and timely customer and technical service. In our continuing effort to be your partner in product innovation, we added and streamlined capabilities in product qualification, analytical support and formulation.

Product qualification:

The Antares Team works closely with our customers to meet their specific needs for evaluation and qualification of Antares vitamin E TPGS and other products. The support includes up to date technical specifications, safety, toxicity and regulatory information, research and clinical data and applications.


The analysis of vitamin E TPGS for tocopherol content is highly specialized and use of the standard methods for vitamin E can produce inaccurate results. Antares worked closely with a third party, global, FDA compliant analytical laboratory to optimize the analytical method in order to increase accuracy and reduce variation. The Antares Team provides support to our customers on this and other analytical and functional testing of our products.

Formulation and Formulated Products:

The Antares Team combines leading expertise in the properties and applications of TPGS in the whole spectrum of product formats, end uses, and market segments including pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, food and beverage and animal nutrition. We work closely with our customers in their formulation needs which include liquid, solid and other dosage forms. In addition we provide formulated products with unique properties which include solubility and enhanced absorption.

The Antares Team – Your Partner in Product Innovation . . .

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