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Antares Health Products, Inc. introduces Vitamin E TPGS SF, a naturally non-GMO vitamin E TPGS. Vitamin E TPGS SF is the only commercially available vitamin E TPGS made exclusively from natural vitamin E derived from sunflower oil. Unlike other vegetable sources of vitamin E such as soy, that require processing to remove genetically modified proteins, vitamin E sourced from sunflowers is naturally non-GMO. 

Vitamin E TPGS SF is one of three grades of vitamin E TPGS offered in Antares’ line of functional, natural vitamin E products. Vitamin E TPGS SF is chemically and functionally identical to the FG (food grade) and NF grades of vitamin E TPGS currently offered by Antares.

Antares developed this latest grade of TPGS for our customers whose end users prefer a non-GMO source of natural vitamin E that isnon-gmo vitamin e tpgs sf from sunflowers inherently water-soluble. It also retains all the expected functional properties that make it useful as an emulsifier as well as a solubilizer and absorption enhancer of poorly soluble, lipophilic compounds while providing the added benefit of being naturally free of genetically modified proteins.

Antares is pleased to offer our customers the capability to formulate products, which can be labeled non-GMO, and free of soy, gluten, and animal products. Combined with its properties as emulsifier, solubilizer and absorption enhancer and its neutral taste, Antares vitamin E TPGS SF enables the development of high value products, in various formats (including liquid and paste), which meet special customer needs and enable expansion in highly-specialized market segments.

As with all Antares vitamin E products, Vitamin E TPGS SF is manufactured under cGMP that allow its use in food, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical applications.

Vitamin E TPGS SF documentation, including Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and sample Certificate of Analysis (COA) are available upon request.

Vitamin E TPGS SF is sold in 1, 5 and 15kg containers. Please contact Antares for samples, pricing and availability.