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Antares continued its decade long record of meeting customer needs without single out of stock event despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Antares Team improved the manufacturing process, increased production capacity, introduced new product grades, and expanded distribution channels, to meet the increasing international demand.

The improved manufacturing process maintains the same chemical reaction but reduces the number of solvents used. Specifically, the improved process eliminates a Class 2 solvent and now only uses safer Class 3 solvents. The TPGS produced with the improved process meets the product specifications, including those in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), and all testing and release criteria. In implementing the improved process, Antares strengthened its relationship with suppliers of key raw materials and increased production capacity significantly. These steps assure adequate inventory in an FDA compliant warehouse and timely shipment to customers.

Antares introduced Vitamin E TPGS SF, the only commercially available non-GMO TPGS, which is now available in both the Pharmaceutical (NF) and Food (FG) Grades which meet customer preferences and enable expansion in highly specialized market segments

Strategic partners strengthened and expanded the distribution of Antares Vitamin E TPGS internationally. The Antares Team in close collaboration with its partners provides technical and customer service.  Of particular interest to our international customers is the assistance with regulatory matters to meet their specific country requirements.

The acclaimed customer and technical service by the Antares Team has been strengthened further. Antares expanded the capabilities of our Team to support our customers in their product formulation, development and regulatory approval programs. This support includes the resources of the Antares Vitamin E TPGS Type IV Drug Master File (DMF) #28188.

The Antares Team will continue to server as your partner in product innovation