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Formulation provides a powerful tool in product innovation and new applications especially for purified and highly concentrated cannabis extracts including CBD and THC. Antares Vitamin E TPGS is emerging as the formulation ingredient of choice based on its clinically proven record of safety and efficacy.

Cannabis Science and Technology

The role of formulation in cannabis product innovation, expanded applications and industry growth is featured in the November/ December 2018 issue of Cannabis Science and Technology. The article reviews the major advantages of formulation especially for purified and highly concentrated extracts including CBD and THC:

  1. Solubility in water which enables use in drinking water, beverages and other products.
  2. Increased absorption and bioavailability especially for medical and health applications.
  3. Improved stability and shelf-life.
  4. Improved taste, odor and other characteristics.

The article also reviews the reasons which made vitamin E TPGS the formulation ingredient of choice for cannabis products.

  1. Proven record of safety based on clinical evidence and decades of commercial use.
  2. Efficacy based on conclusive clinical evidence.
  3. Neutral taste and odor and light yellow color.
  4. Support of product stability.
  5. Support of label claim of free of allergens, sugar, salt, gluten, dairy and animal products.