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TPGS Market Applications 

Formulating TPGS in Market Specific Applications:

Antares Vitamin E TPGS demonstrates functional utility in a wide range of finished products across several market segments. It is also a “clean label” ingredient. 

Formulation characteristics for the following market-specific applications will help you assess the usefulness of Antares Vitamin E TPGS for your intended application. 


Vitamin E TPGS has a proven record of solubilizing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and greatly enhancing their absorption, bioavailability and efficacy via its unique properties and activity in the body.

Dietary Supplements

Vitamin E TPGS is an approved dietary source of vitamin E and has been used to formulate nutritional supplements especially those designed to overcome malabsorption of vitamin E and other lipophilic nutrients.

Beverages & Foods

Vitamin E TPGS is an approved nutritional source of vitamin E and may be used to fortify foods, especially beverages, sports drinks, juices and water.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Vitamin E TPGS is finding applications in personal care and cosmetic products. In addition to providing water-soluble vitamin E, it is a powerful tool in formulating other actives.

Animal Nutrition

Vitamin E TPGS plays a unique role in animal nutrition especially in supplying a highly absorbable and bioavailable vitamin E for animals which do not absorb efficiently forms of vitamin E that are traditionally used in animal feeds and supplements.






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