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Cannabinoid Applications

Antares Vitamin E TPGS is emerging as the formulation ingredient of choice for cannabis products, especially purified or concentrated CBD and THC extracts.


The key to new product innovation, expanded applications and new markets

Vitamin E TPGS

The reasons for emerging as the formulation ingredient of choice


Formulation supports a wide range of product forms and applications

The Antares Advantage

Your Partner in Product Innovation from the exploratory to full commercial stages.

Formulation – the key to new product innovation, expanded applications and new markets

  • Solubility in water: Important cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), upon extraction and purification, are oils insoluble in water. For many products and applications such as beverages, medical formulations, sprays, topical formulations solubility in water is a must.
  • Increased absorption and bioavailability: Absorption of oils requires optimal function of the liver, pancreas and the complete digestive tract. Absorption is also affected by the diet, age and health conditions of the user. Formulation for enhanced absorption and bioavailability is essential for medical applications and for the large population segments with suboptimal absorption.
  • Improved stability: The stability and shelf-life of cannabinoids is affected by exposure to sunlight, air, heat and other factors. When cannabinoids are added to water, foods, creams and other products, their stability can be affected by exposure to oxidizing agents, acidic or alkali conditions and reactive compounds. Customized formulations provide powerful tools for optimizing stability.
  • Taste, odor and other characteristics: Taste is of paramount importance in food, beverages, and other oral products. Odor is also important. Terpenes, which are abundant in cannabis plants, can have strong aromas which may be carried over into extracts, concentrates and even purified cannabinoids. Formulation provides the opportunity for addressing the taste, odor, texture and other characteristics for the specific products and applications.
  • Regulatory: For medical applications, formulation is required for accurate dosing of the desired product. With the expanding approval of cannabis products in the United States, Canada, and other countries, there is increasing focus on quality, testing and product specifications, potency, stability and other product characteristics.

Formulation supports a wide range of product forms and applications.

Vitamin E TPGS – the reasons for emerging as the formulation ingredient of choice

  • Proven record of safety based on decades of commercial use in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, including vitamin formulations for children.
  • Efficacy based on conclusive clinical evidence, not only as a solubilizer for water-soluble formulations, but also for its ability to form micelle-like particles which enhance absorption and bioavailability. Its efficacy is illustrated by its use in clinically tested, FDA approved products formulated for enhanced absorption.
  • Neutral taste and odor and light yellow color are particularly important for oral and personal care product formulations.
  • Support of product stability. Vitamin E TPGS contains small amounts of free tocopherols which have strong antioxidant activity and support product stability especially for oil-based products. In addition to reducing potency, products of oxidation affect taste, odor and can be harmful.
  • Support of label claim of free of allergens, sugar, salt, gluten, dairy and animal products. Antares also carries vitamin E TPGS SF derived from sunflower vitamin E which supports non-GMO and soy-free label claims.

Product forms

  1. Liquids infused with cannabinoids
    1. Drinking water and juices
    2. Sports drinks 
    3. Beverages (wide range)
    4. Dietary supplements
    5. Pharmaceutical and OTC formulations both oral and topical
  2. Solids fortified with cannabinoids
    1. Tablets and capsules including chewable
    2. Powders
    3. Bars, snacks and treats
    4. Other
  3. Other product forms
    1. Creams and gels
    2. Lotions, emulsions and suspensions
    3. Sprays, inhalation/vapor products

The Antares Advantage

Your partner in Product Innovation

  • Customer acclaimed technical and customer service based on meeting customer needs from the exploratory to full commercial stages.
  • High quality, GMP product available as Pharmaceutical (NF), Food (FG) and non-GMO Sunflower (SF™) Grades.
  • Adequate inventory, we have served customer needs without a single out-of-stock event in the last nine years.
  • Purchase orders generally ship within two business days, and expedited shipping is available upon request.
  • Packaged in 1 kg, 5 kg and 15 kg tamper-evident sealed HDPE containers.


For additional information on the role of formulation in product innovation, see the feature article in the November/ December 2018 issue of Cannabis Science and Technology. 

For basic handling and use guidelines for Antares Vitamin E TPGS, see How To Use TPGS.

For product documentation, including Safety Data Sheet, Product Data Sheet, ISO, Kosher and Halal Certificates, see our Documentation page. 

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The role of formulation in cannabis product innovation, expanded applications and industry growth is featured in the Nov/ Dec 2018 issue of Cannabis Science and Technology.

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