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TPGS Functional Applications 

Formulating with TPGS for Its Functionality:

Antares Vitamin E TPGS demonstrates functional utility in a wide range of finished products across several market segments. It also has the added benefit of being a “clean label” ingredient. 

Formulation characteristics for functionality-specific applications listed below will help you assess the usefulness of Antares Vitamin E TPGS for your intended application.

Vitamin E Source

Vitamin E TPGS is a source of natural, d-alpha tocopherol in water-soluble form. 

Emulsifier & Solubilizer

Vitamin E TPGS is an amphiphile with a very low CMC that is miscible with water and lipophilic compounds. 

Absorption & Bioavailability Enhancer

Vitamin E TPGS is clinically proven as a bioavailability and absorption enhancer of lipophilic and difficult to absorb compounds. 

Controlled Release Excipient

Vitamin E TPGS has unique affinity for water and the properties of TPGS/water blends suggest utility in controlled release applications.






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