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Our team combines leading expertise in the manufacture and applications of Vitamin E TPGS. In addition to serving the market needs for TPGS, Antares Health Products, Inc. is now progressing toward the introduction of new products to more fully serve our customer’s formulation ingredient needs. For more information, please see our formulated products news post.

Vitamin E TPGS is a powerful tool in the formulation of poorly-soluble, lipophilic compounds and the enhancement of their absorption and bioavailability. TPGS has utility and a proven record of safety and efficacy in pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food & beverage, personal care, animal nutrition and CBD and other botanical oil products. It has the added benefit of being a clean label ingredient.  Antares now offers three grades of TPGS: Food Grade, NF Grade and SF (non-GMO) Grade.

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Although mindful of the impact of COVID-19, we are open for business with infection prevention modifications in place for the safety of our customers and our employees.


Antares News

Antares Meets International Demand for Vitamin E TPGS

Antares continued its decade long record of meeting customer needs without single out of stock event despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The Antares Team improved the manufacturing process, increased production capacity, introduced new product grades,...

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Antares Health Products, Inc. continues serving customers during the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic continues to present major challenges to all of us. I am very pleased to inform all our customers that, with full attendance to health and safety, the Antares Team...

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