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TPGS Properties


Antares vitamin E TPGS is the polyethylene glycol 1000 ester of d-α-tocopheryl succinate.
It is chemically stable to heat, oxygen and light. It is unstable to alkali.
Chemical Structure
Chemical Name d-α-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate
Empirical Formula C33O5H54(CH2 CH2O)n
Synonyms & Acronyms Vitamin E TPGS or TPGS Tocophersolan (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients – INCI and United States Adopted Names -USAN)
CAS Number 9002-96-4 (Chemical Abstracts Service registration number)
Molecular Weight 1513 (approx)
d-α-tocopherol 25% minimum weight basis; range 25-30%
Acid Value 1.5 (maximum)
Reactivity Reacts with alkali, very low reactivity with air


Antares vitamin E TPGS is a white to light tan water-soluble waxy solid with low melting point.
Physical form Waxy solid
Color White to light tan (as solid)
Gardner Color Less than 10 (generally less than 5)
Specific Gravity 1.06 at 45°C, approximate
Melting Point 38°C (approximate), range 37-41°C
Solubility In Water Miscible In All Parts
Specific Rotation [α] Not less than +24


Vitamin E TPGS has amphiphilic properties with each molecule consisting of polar hydrophilic (polyethylene glycol) and non-polar lipophilic (phytyl chain of d-α-tocopherol) moieties. 
HLB (Hydrophile & Lipophile Balance) 13 (approximate)
CMC (Critical Micelle Concentration) 0.02 weight %
Particle Size Reported particle size diameter ranged from less than 1 and up to several microns for stable liquid emulsions